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Featuring sustainable apparel, insights on how to reduce waste, buy local, reduce, reuse, recycle, be an ally to different communities, companies and products you can trust...whatever it may be, we have it here at Turning Tides. All of this access to eco friendly information has grabbed the attention of others, and we're happy to talk about it further. Take a look at the awesome press we have acquired thus far, and never hesitate to reach out!

Voyage Dallas

Get to know who we are, how we started, and obstacles we've overcome with our Voyage Dallas article. 

WFAA Channel 8 News

WFAA reached out to us to learn more about our sustainable apparel, how to buy local food, and our fundraising. 

Facebook Prosperity Mortgage

Check out our talk on how we're able to be a sustainable business, and our mission to help you generate ideas on how to get involved in restoring our planet through our Resource Center!

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