Without educating ourselves on the experiences of Queer people, we won't know how to build a better present and future.


Do Something

The Queer community needs cishet allies. Simple actions such as: sharing posts about and calling attention to homophobia and transphobia, refusing to support businesses that discriminate, voting for candidates that have a history of supporting the LGBTQIA community, and buying toys and books featuring queer people for the young people in your lives all help make a difference. 


Understand your privilege as a straight or cisgender person and use it for good. Advocate for those of us who do not have those same privileges. 


Nonprofits need every bit of help they can get to give us the information and resources we need. Donating time and skills are just as valuable donations as money is to these organizations. Are you a copywriter? Offer 1 blog a month. Are you a graphic designer? Offer a t-shirt design. Do you cook? Bring the staff and volunteers lunch at their events. Anything helps, even simply spreading the word. It costs nothing to share a social post.


The Center on Colfax

Giving voice to Colorado's LGBTQ community and playing a pivotal role in statewide initiatives to reduce harassment and discrimination.

Support LGBTQ+ Businesses

Shop at and support LGBTQ+ owned businesses by utilizing their services and products. Below are a few of our favorite businesses, along with great sources to find more LGBTQ+ owned businesses. If you're not in the position to buy, we've also listed a few ways to help businesses without spending money.


Sustainable LGBTQ+ 




Enhance your social feeds with LGBTQ+ activists.


Ericka Hart


Ericka is a breast cancer survivor, sex educator, model and speaker fighting for the lack of institutional care of queer, trans, black, brown and femme voices.



Get connected and gain perspective by seeing real people and their experiences. Just because something doesn't directly impact your life, doesn't mean that it does not exist. Listen to what people from the LGBTQ+ community have to say, and do your part to be an ally to them.

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Contact Support
If you'd like to submit a business, activist, or media to be featured on our page, correct something we messed up on, or suggest other content you think would be beneficial, reach out to us now!
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